The WGECO Board of Governors and staff members hold advanced degrees, as well as professional positions in their fields of expertise, so they can provide you with the most current information and practices in their subject areas.

The WGECO organizational framework under the direction of the Board of Governors consists of: Strategic Management Sector, Administrative Sector, Media & Publications Center, World Green Projects Organization (WGPO), World Exergy Organization (WEXO) Green Academy of Technology & Economy (GATE), World Green Commerce Organization (WGCO), World Green Certification Commission (WGCC) and World Arbitration Organization (WAO)

Strong WGECO governance is all about departments having straightforward and systematic decision-making processes, thus giving clarity concerning responsibilities and avoiding conflict of interests. The processes are transparent in order for the Board of Governors to be able to take on responsibility and to influence the Council. Good WGECO organization governance facilitates good activity, gives competitive edge and enhances the trust in the Green Leadership.