World Arbitration


A global network of professionals in arbitration and dispute resolution

The World Arbitration Organization (WAO) is a global network of professionals in arbitration and dispute resolution.
The WAO is an affiliate of the World Green Economy Council (WGECO) as a not-for-profit organization, independent of any employer, governmental, political or union organization, with a strictly professional nature.

The WAO is a world class organization leading the advancement of the arbitration profession.

The WAO is dedicated to aid the development and improve the effectiveness of professional arbitration all over the world.

1. To improve the quality and effectiveness of professional arbitration, and to demonstrate the importance of the arbitration role in all employing organizations, both public and private.
2. To advocate for Peace, Justice and Human Dignity to the world in which we live and work.
3. To continuously develop the standards of the arbitration profession and ensure excellence as well as create worldwide recognition and acceptance of certified members.
4. To encourage the effective exchange of information and experiences between members.
5. To collaborate with other international organizations in areas of mutual concern;
6. To stimulate and assist in the establishment and development of regional and national arbitration associations in those parts of the world where a association does not exist.
7. To support or represent members in their contacts with world organizations such as ICC, UNCITRAL, the UN, etc.
8. To organize conferences, world congresses, study visits, publish information and pursue all other objectives which directly or indirectly correspond to the aims of the organization and its members.
9. To support activities of other national and international bodies in their attempts to protect peace, human rights and justice.

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