The WGECO has a special agreement with International & Intergovernmental Universities to run fast-track Master and PhD programs for professionally qualified people.

The WGECO is responsible for the promotion and administration of the Master and PhD degree programs.  These International Universities are responsible for all academic matters and the awarding degree of the following disciplines:

Master Programs

  • MBA: Master of Business Administration
  • MBA in Green Economy
  • MBA in Energy Mangment
  • MBA in  Sustainable Development
  • MSc in Energy Studies
  • MSc in Sustainable Development and Diplomacy

Doctorate Programs

  • DBA: Doctor of Business Administration 
  • Ph.D. in Diplomacy and International Affairs
  • Ph.D. in Finance and Economics
  • Ph.D. in Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Ph.D. in Sustainable Development and Green Technology

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