World Exergy Organization


منـظمـة الاكسـيرجـى العالميـة

The World Exergy Organization (WEXO) is the first organization in the world dedicated solely to promote knowledge of exergy and associated technologies and applications on a global scale that improve quality of life in a cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner. It is a global and inclusive forum for thought-leadership and tangible engagement with headquarters in the country of 7000 years of civilization, Egypt. Its mission is ‘To promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all people’.

The World Exergy Organization (WEXO) affiliated to the World Green Economy Council (WGECO), aims to promote the application of exergy concepts and sustainable use of resources for the greatest benefit of all people.

The idea for the foundation of the WEXO came from Dr. Mohamed G. Kafafy, President of World Green Economy Council. He wanted to create global network of experts from all around the world to discuss, investigate and overcome the current and future exergy issues. 

The World Eexergy Organization is the principal impartial network of leaders and practitioners promoting an affordable, stable and environmentally sensitive exergy system for the greatest benefit of all. The World Energy Organization informs global, regional and national energy strategies by hosting high-level events, publishing authoritative studies, and working through its extensive member network to facilitate the world’s exergy policy dialogue.

WEXO Mission

“To promote the application of exergy concepts and sustainable use of resources for the greatest benefit of all people”

The World Exergy Organization is a uniquely positioned organisation which actively supports intergovernmental organisations, governments and companies to deliver Exergetic Systems. The WEXO brings together all of the world’s economic areas, every kind of resources and every kind of organisation.

The World Exergy Organization actvities are world-renowned.  They communicate knowledge across a wide range of fields and support the decision-making process in policymaking and industry strategy. Thus, the WEXO has a key role to play in helping the world rethink and resolve its energy challenges and in addressing the exergy trilemma.

WEXO Objectives

The World Exergy Organization’s Objectives are to promote the application of exergy concepts and efficient use of resources for the greatest benefit of all people, by:

  • collating data about and undertaking and promoting research into the means of supplying and using exergy having, short and long term, the greatest social benefit and the least harmful impact on the natural environment, and publishing or otherwise disseminating the useful results of such research;
  • undertaking actions, including but not limited to the holding of forums, conferences, workshops and seminars, to facilitate such supply and use of exergy; and
  • collaborating with other organisations in the exergy sector with compatible goals.

 Exergy means for Sustainability

Although we conventionally use energy analysis to assess energy systems, exergy analysis has many advantages. Exergy analyses provide useful information, which can directly impact process designs and improvements
because exergy methods help in understanding and improving efficiency, environmental and economic performance as well as sustainability. Exergy’s advantages stem from the fact that exergy losses represent true losses of potential to generate a desired product, exergy efficiencies always provide a measure of approach to ideality, and the links between exergy and both economics and environmental impact can help develop improvements. Exergy analysis also provides better insights into beneficial research in terms of potential for significant efficiency, environmental and economic gains.

An illustration of different power generation and of a country’s energy system and its electrical utility sector helps clarify the benefits and advantages of exergy. Exergy analysis should prove useful to engineers, scientists, and decision makers.

For more info about World Exergy Organization (WEXO), kindly visit www.WorldExergy.org