World Humanity Commission [WHC]

WORLD HUMANITY COMMISSION [WHC] and also refers to as [WHC SYSTEM] -“Independent and Sovereign Intergovernmental Organization” is the “Commission for Humanity” whose daily diplomatic role is serving humanity; providing better platform upon which peaceful co-existence across people of ethnic background, irrespective of sex, cast, creed, political, culture, and religious lines.

The World Green Economy Council (WGECO) and The World Humanity Commission [WHC] signed TREATY OF MUTUAL RECOGNITION AND COOPERATION to hereby formalize the bonds of affiliation and cooperation which have grown to work together in a transparent manner to maximize engagement and results for promoting the green economy and humanitarian worldwide. As per this treaty the WGECO shall serve as the green economy think-tank of WHC as well as the WHC hereby establish to set up representative offices of WGECO in its premises and managed by the President of WHC in association with the President of WGECO.

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