World Fund for Development & Planning (WFDP)

The World Fund for Development & Planning (WFDP) is an International organization affiliated to United Nations (OSAA), it has a many branches in other parts of the world and has a Joint Agreement with United Nations Organizations, aimed to the development of communities and nations, and planning for a promising future, as Every human being has the right to a decent life which is the key of any human development.

Then, the World The World Green Economy Council (WGECO) and the World Fund for Development & Planning (WFDP) signed TREATY OF MUTUAL RECOGNITION AND COOPERATION to hereby formalize the bonds of affiliation and cooperation which have grown to work together in a transparent manner to maximize engagement and results for promoting the green economy concepts, applications and technologies locally & globally. Moreover, the WGECO shall serve as the green economy think-tank of WFDP.

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