Research & Development

New product design and development is more than often a crucial factor in the survival of a company. In an industry that is fast changing, firms must continually revise their design and range of products. This is necessary due to continuous technology change and development as well as other competitors and the changing preference of customers. A system driven by marketing is one that puts the customer needs first, and only produces goods that are known to sell. Market research is carried out, which establishes what is needed. If the development is technology driven then it is a matter of selling what it is possible to make. The product range is developed so that production processes are as efficient as possible and the products are technically superior, hence possessing a natural advantage in the market place.

Statistics on organizations devoted to “R&D” may express the state of an industry, the degree of competition or the lure of progress. Some common measures include: budgets, numbers of patents or on rates of peer-reviewed publications.
Bank ratios are one of the best measures, because they are continuously maintained, public and reflect risk.
In the U.S., a typical ratio of research and development for an industrial company is about 3.6% of revenues. A high technology company such as a computer manufacturer might spend 7%. Although Allergan (a biotech company) tops the spending table 43.4% investment, anything over 15% is remarkable and usually gains a reputation for being a high technology company. Companies in this category include pharmaceutical companies such as Merck & Co. (14.1%) or Novartis (15.1%), and engineering companies like Ericsson (24.9%).
Thus, to compete and survive in international markets, organizations must make effective use of innovation to develop new and better products, services and production techniques. That is true for all sectors of the economy, but nowhere is it more truly than in industry companies, where continuing survival in the marketplace depends absolutely on remaining at the forefront of new developments in a rapidly changing world.

Research and Development  (R&D) of GATE  provides Custom Research and Development programs. As well as WGECO in partnership with several reputed universities and professional organizations around the world to provide industry companies with Custom Research and Development services at right cost in the following fields:

◦Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R)
◦Power Plants
◦Pneumatic & Hydraulic Systems
◦ Renewable Energy
◦Oil and Gas Industry
◦Industrial Safety
◦Environmental Engineering
◦Electrical Engineering
◦Automotive Engineering
◦Communication Technology
◦Information Technology (IT)
◦Materials Science
◦Manufacturing Technology
◦Automation and Robotics
◦Quality and Productivity improvements
◦Water Treatment


◦Cost Optimization
◦Engineering Management
◦Maintenance & Repair
◦Product Design and Development
◦Energy and Exergy analysis
◦Supply Chain Management
◦Operations Research
◦Reverse Engineering


◦Business Breakthrough
◦High Performing Organization
◦Cost Accounting
◦Financial Analysis
◦Marketing & Sales
◦Human Resource Development


•Design to Customers’ Specifications
•Provide Prototype Samples
•Low Budget and Fast Prototypes Delivery

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