World Green Award

The most precious asset all businesses share is our Earth. The efforts individuals and businesses make to sustain this vital resource is not only necessary, but it also makes good business sense. Seeking recognition for your Earth-friendly work is also smart business. We applaud you for taking the first step in setting your business apart from your competitors.

The World Green Leadership Awards program provides the opportunity for your organization to receive global recognition by a panel of volunteer judges who themselves are leaders and experts in business.

The World Green Awards will honor those who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice. We welcome nominations from businesses of all sizes, locations and maturity. We offer increased exposure for the exemplary accomplishments of leaders, initiatives and organizations working to reduce the impact of their business on our environment.


Individual and Organization Leadership Awards from the World Green Economy Council (WGECO)

Attaining Green-Leadership means much more than achieving a high level of sustainable development
World Green Leadership means achieving the highest levels of green transformation in all areas of organizational operations and performance.

Award Categories

– World Green Leadership Award for an Individual

– World Green Leadership Award for an Organization

Individual Nomination

A Green Leader encourages and inspires others to be engaged in sustainability and leads by example. Behaviors of leaders to encourage followers to prioritize sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and long-term environmental impact. It involves advocating for and implementing strategies to reduce waste, conserve energy, and support initiatives that contribute positively to the environment

Submission Requirements for Individual Awards:

  1. Nomination letter highlighting the nominee’s impact on green product, project and/or service that describes the six key areas listed below (maximum two pages):
    • Length of time contributing to green transition towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    • Formal role related to green advancement, if any (e.g., dean, chair, CEO, directors).
    • Impact on green in academic and/or professional fields and what the nominee uses to measure success.
    • Most significant accomplishment related to advancing green energy, products, projects and/or services.
    • Barriers/Challenges to the work and how the nominee overcame them.
    • Resources available to conduct the work (e.g., time, funding, administrative support).
  2. Nominee’s bio (300-word limit) with scanned passport /national ID.
  3. Nominee’s abridged curriculum vitae relevant to the nomination (maximum five pages).
  4. Letters of support (up to two letters, maximum two pages each).

A successful nomination will demonstrate the impact of the nominee’s work in:

  • Mentoring and sponsoring people to become leaders in specific academic and/or professional fields related to green economy for sustainable development  
  • Influencing other leaders in the recruitment, retention, and promotion of people in specific academic and/or professional fields related to green economy for sustainable development  
  • Improving the educational and professional environment for sustaining people in specific academic and/or professional fields.
  • Contributing to the body of knowledge in advancing people’s careers in in specific academic and/or professional fields. (e.g., presenting talks or webinars, publishing papers, academic education, professional programs, acquiring grants, job promotion, new jobs).

Organization Nomination

A green corporate claims to act in a way which maximize resources efficiency and minimizes damage to the environment. As global warming continues apace and becomes an increasingly prevalent topic amongst world governments, many companies are doing their part to become environmentally more responsible or “green”. Submission Requirements for Emerging or Established Organization Awards:

  1. Nomination letter highlighting an overview of the organization, including the context and outcomes of achievements as well as important milestones and collaborations or partnerships with internal/external groups or departments (maximum two pages).
    • Include a brief history of the organization (maximum one paragraph).
    • Does the organization have a formal role (e.g., University, School, Company, NGO)?
  2. Description of activities and outcomes that provides a summary of the efforts to advance quality of product, project and/or service. The summary should clearly define demonstrated outcomes that have an impact on advancing Green-Leadership (maximum five pages). It should address:
    • The organizational data and outcomes to support the impact of the organization.
    • Resources available to conduct the work (e.g., time, funding, administrative support).
  3. Letters of support from deans, CEOs, GM and/or other institutional leaders (maximum two pages each).

A successful nomination will demonstrate the impact of the nominee’s work in:

  • Creating an institutional culture that supports the advancement of Green Transition
  • Systematically developing green leaders in academic and/or professional fields.
  • Improving the green product, project and/or service towards achieving the global sustainable development goals.

Use of the WGECO-Awards have proven so successful, that some companies have adopted it for internal assessments and in-house awards programs. Similar programs have been implemented in other regions and countries around the world. Use of green award programs has helped businesses and other organizations improve their ability to compete and fulfill their organization’s missions.

More importantly, evaluations may be based upon results only, without consideration for the organization’s approaches and processes. Evaluation of performance by looking at results only will not provide an understanding of why the organization is performing the way it is.

Evidence shows that award winning organizations achieve higher levels of broad based success. This has been proven by multiple studies of long term business results of award winning organizations. Participation in Green Awards programs have enabled these organizations to better understand what to do and how to do it.
They compare company approaches to proven models for organizational success.
They take advantage of expert third party feedback to implement performance improvement plans.
They know where to focus process improvements to achieve the desired organizational results.

The Green-Awards has expanded its reach from the three original award sector groups to six; including manufacturing, service, healthcare, education, small business, and not-for-profit.

Most green award programs include the following components:

  • Application Criteria – The application process consists of questions which seek information on the approaches used and the results achieved by the organization. The WGECO-Awards Criteria for example, contain over 100 questions which are categorized into 7 sections or categories. Many organizations have found tremendous benefit in conducting self-assessments using the award criteria without even submitting the application into the awards process
  • Scoring System – The scoring system provides a means for determining the level of green leadership attained by an organization. Some scoring systems provide component scores to aid organizations in determining some of their greatest areas, as well as areas of strength or weakness
  • Examination/Judging Process – This defines how organizations are evaluated and how award winners are selected. Many awards processes have several stages of evaluation whereby advancement in the process can be an indicator of the level of green leadership. In the Green-Awards process for example, the organizations that receive a site visit are sometimes referred to as the “semi-finalists”, representing the final group of organizations from which the award winners are selected

If your leaders and organization is seeking Green-Leadership, then WGECO-Awards can play a significant part in helping you along the journey. WGECO-Awards provide an excellent source for monitoring progress and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Award Presentation

The winners of the 2023 World Green Leadership Awards will be recognized during the International Green Energy & Sustainable Development Conference, Istanbul in December 11-13, 2023