Green IS

Green Information System (Green IS)

It is a combination of environment and Information Technology (IT), The relationship between Information Technology (IT) and the environment is complex, because of the negative environmental impact of IT production, use, and disposal then, making this effect greener has been termed Green Information Technology, which considers IT’s environmental impact primarily as a problem to be mitigated. Another effect involves the positive impact of using Information Systems (IS) to improve the eco-sustainability of businesses and society; this is termed Green IS. This Green IS viewpoint sees IS as a partial solution to many environmental problems. So Green IS is a solution for the negative environmental effect of information technology. IS facilitates the reuse of waste and energy and can serve as a tool for industrial symbiosis, which involves the ‘‘the mutualistic interaction of different industries for beneficial reuse of waste flows or energy cascading that results in a more resource-efficient production system and fewer adverse environmental impacts.