Mission & Vision


The World Green Economy Council (WGECO®) is a global network for leaders, practitioners and organizations promoting affordable and consistent green system and advocating for Green Economy Leadership. It is a green federation of more than 40 organizations in 21 countries, These organizations are legal entities to impart green economy concepts & applications in the countries of their existence. The WGECO activities including but not limited to: Green Energy, Green Life,  Green Jobs, Green Vehicle, Green Building, Green Industry, Green Logistics, Green Lean, Green Investment, Green Information System and Green Technology.

The World Green Economy Council (WGECO®) is an international nonprofit organization, advocating for Green Leadership. WGECO working together with Governments, Public & Private Sectors and other International institutions to accelerate & educate on green business practices & solutions for a better tomorrow.

The WGECO leads the direction and fosters the growth of the Green profession through actively setting standards and building the capability of the profession. Moreover, Its programs and services are internationally recognized for their excellence and effectiveness by prominent professional and academic bodies around the world.


WGECO brings together professionals from different industries & businesses who believe in the value of creating a better tomorrow. Such leaders are passionate about green economy as the only way to build a better future.

Organizations that have green strategy, with a vision that combines with action, to build a better workplace. Such organizations could be exemplary so that others will learn from them & practice for a better tomorrow.


WGECO will be the Global Center of Excellence and shaping the future of the Green Economy through our members globally to make the world a better place through Green Leadership.


Creating platforms and building networks for Green Economy education & development  throughout the World.

WGECO Strategic Imperatives:

– Represent and lead the Green Economy programs to improve standards, practices, and impact
– Be the career development partner for members
– Become the GE Centre of Excellence that organizations use to build their GE capability
– Provide relevant and accessible professional development and networking opportunities
– Provide services, tools and resources that contribute to professional effectiveness


– Lead by example
– Service to our profession
– Teamwork with a collective purpose