Human Resource Management Institute

The HRMI is an affiliated organ of the World Green Economy Council (WGECO).  The Human Resource Management Institute is the world’s leading non-profit professional organization and official certifying body for the human resource management profession. HRMI recognized by U.S. Government with its head office at Delaware State, USA, as well as duly registered in England by United Kingdom Government. Moreover, Its programs and services are internationally recognized for their excellence and effectiveness by several reputed professional and academic bodies.
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The Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management (CISCM) is an affiliated organ of the World Green Economy Council (WGECO), officially registered & chartered as an international nonprofit organization by the Governments of Nigeria, Ghana and United State of America, which consist of members who are involved in a diverse range of business activities or components of Supply Chain Management such as Operation, Project, Logistics, Production, Transport, Shipping, Import/Export, Procurement, Stores, Warehousing, Supply and Materials Management disciplines.

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IIAS is an affiliated organ of the World Green Economy Council (WGECO).  The mission of IIAS as an open international university, is to revolutionize careers and professional developments through innovative education and to promulgate European styled higher education abroad. Our faculty led programs seek to foster and facilitate individual based enhanced higher education; life-long learning and competences for advancing international development cooperation, seeks to put all hands on deck in meeting global “skill-gaps” and job performance competencies; The final products are expected to be educated and enlightened persons endowed with high academic competency, morality and global sensitivity. For more info kindly visit the site 


The West Coast Institute of Management & Technology (WCIMT) is an affiliated organ of the World Green Economy Council (WGECO). The institute was registered and accredited by the Training Accreditation Council (TAC) of the Training Department of the Government of Western Australia and is listed on the “Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses (CRICOS)”, which provide accredited courses to local and overseas students up to Graduate Diploma Level. Recently, the board of governors decided to use this infrastructure to establish the West Coast University (WCU) Panama, Belize, and Sate of Delaware, USA. Although based in Panama but it serves as global institute for higher education. However, with the help of WCIMT board of governors, the member of AMDA Research Foundation have established the WCIMT under the Government of  Bangladesh as professional institute to boost technical education among expatriate technocrats of different categories. Main objective of which are mainly two folded. First of all upgrading their know-how, increase earning so that they can earn more and help back homeland more and secondly by having upper level education they can consolidate their job status in upper sphere thereby be rewarded as a technical professional.

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The BDI is an affiliated organ of the World Green Economy Council (WGECO).  The Institute is the leading global professional body for Business Development Professionals, fully registered & recognized by the Federal Government of Nigeria . It is also an internationally recognized examining and awarding body for business studies. The Institute of Business Development is the public face of learned professionals, which represents the interests of its members within Government, the business community and the general public. Committed to maintaining the quality, integrity and high professional standard of practicing members, the Institute has established a Code of Conduct requiring the development and review of professional Standards. For more info, kindly visit