Training Programs

The Global Academy of Technology & Economy (GATE) offer off-shelf and tailored courses which can be designed to competencies necessary to become future business leaders.
Tailored courses may be requested for a variety of reasons:
1. Providing specific training in key areas to enable staff to perform clearly defined tasks.
2. Providing refresher courses for experienced staff, or those who already have a high knowledge of other engineering business.
3. Identifying ‘knowledge gaps’ and developing training programs to deliver appropriate skills to key staff.
4. Linking specific engineering business functionality with wider domain knowledge and understanding of specific workflows used and the science behind the engineering business.
We create custom-tailored training programs in usage-centered design structured to meet the learning objectives of our clients and to build on the experience and knowledge base of participants. Among the highly successful courses, we have designed for particular clients are:
1. a one-day overview for managers and team leaders.
2. a two-day client-focused introduction for sales and marketing people.
3. a two-day course in usage-centered user and client interviewing skills.
4. in-depth three-, four-, and five-day training programs for design and development staff.
Drawing on our extensive training resources–including presentation graphics, illustrative examples, classroom exercises, readings, and realistic applied case studies–we can configure programs of from one to five days in duration to target your technical professionals and managers and give them the skills they need to put the power of usage-centered design into practice for you. Whether your problems are in engineering business, we can address the world in which you work.
10 Reasons Why You Invest in GATE training
1. Customized, experiential and action-learning courses
GATE tailored training based on a unique experiential action-learning model that saves participants learning time, effort and costs. Participants can choose industry/company-specific projects, thereby bridging the knowledge-application gap.

2. Return on Investment (ROI)
GATE tailored training are designed to enable managers to innovate, solve complex problems and formulate new strategies. At the end of the program, managers can leverage program work in their business, with immediate ROI to their companies.
3. Learn from leaders
GATE experts have collected more ideas from the world’s best engineering business minds than any other institution.

4. Management best practices
GATE advisors are seasoned engineering and business consultants who advise international companies. Unlike academic programs that tend to focus on engineering / business theories, GATE training are tailored for industry professionals and companies with a focus on critical business concepts, management insights and engineering business best practices.

5. Less is more!
Working professionals do not want to be lectured, they don’t have time to read long essays on engineering and business theories and philosophies; they want quick and practical knowledge. GATE advisors are result oriented. They understand key business drivers, operations and performance metrics better than most. All GATE tailored training are selected using highly effective formats including executive summaries, bullet points, frameworks, methodologies, checklists, tables and case studies.

6. Accelerated courses
Since the content of GATE tailored training is highly focused and practical, what would normally take months of traditional education, takes only weeks to learn via the accelerated engineering business training models.

7. Modular and flexible delivery options
Modular courses and flexible delivery options allow executives to choose the tailored training that are relevant to their current needs. They can choose on/off-campus or in-house training.

8. Latest engineering business research
With the advent of globalization, rapid technology advances and continuously changing business environment, managers cannot depend on old textbooks and outdated business models. They must keep up with the latest knowledge for successful strategy formulation and decision-making. All GATE training courses provide resources to identify and address up-to-date industry trends, challenges and opportunities.

9. GATE multinational collective intelligence
GATE research and education network consist of several experts and organizations from different countries. GATE leverages this strong multinational network to provide our clients with a global perspective and leading advice.

10. Differentiation
Successful industry professionals and companies distinguish themselves from others by investing in their intellectual capital and committing to continuing education and development. They associate with and learn from the best in their fields.
Because what happens after the last discussion or presentation makes the difference in the benefit your company receives from training, longer classes include follow-up consultation for class participants to answer questions and help with the translation of learning into practice.
Our training packages include:
1. Custom-tailoring of content and perspective
2. Hands-on application experience
3. Limited class size for more interaction and application
4. Notes, readings, and supplementary material
5. Free 60 day follow-up consultation by fax or email (courses of three or more days)

Remember! The success of a course is in its meeting your objectives.
Contact us to discuss your training needs, costs, scheduling or to book a tailored training course:
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