Professional Diplomas

Industry doesn’t stand still. It continues to adapt to new technologies, industries and trends. How are your processes being upgraded and improved? Is your organization leading the way, or slow to adopt new methods? As a leader in your organization, you have the responsibilities to lead change and initiate new strategies. Our executive offerings enhance your natural talents and build strong leaders.

The GATE offers a full range of executive offerings to help you and your organization stay ahead of the competition. Discover GATE programs designed to help you:

  • Plan and set goals for your organization
  • Influence the behaviors and performance of your team members
  • Build trust with your staff, clients, customers and constituents
  • Become more fluent in finance and accounting
  • Manage projects more effectively across multiple departments
  • Improve internal and external communication
  • Problem solving and decision-making

Then, the GATE offers a variety of professional programs & diplomas as following:

  • Professional Diploma in Supply Chain Management 

  • Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management 

  • Professional Diploma in Industrial & Human Factors Engineering

  • Professional Diploma in Energy Management 

  • Professional Diploma in Project Management 

  • Professional Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety 

  • Professional Diploma in Business Administration 

  • Professional Diploma in Sustainable Development 

  • Professional Diploma in Green Economy

  • Lean Education & Application Program (LEAP)

  • Leadership Excellence Advanced Development (LEAD)