International Anti-Corruption Institute (IACI)

The IACI is an affiliated organ of the World Green Economy Council (WGECO). The International Anti-corruption Institute (IACI) is the world’s leading non-profit professional organization for promoting, educating and advancing anti-corruption in order to achieve sustainable development.

The Institute’s mission is:

  • To promote ethical decision processes within business as well as within the rest of the community and
  • to prevent the use of bribes and other types of corruption as a means for affecting decision processes

The Institute puts great emphasis on information to businesses, media and authorities on ethical business behavior including laws and court cases on corruptive marketing and bribery.

The IACI provides a new, holistic approach to anti-corruption education and research, delivers and facilitates anti-corruption training for practitioners from all sectors of society, and provides technical support and assistance to a wide variety of stakeholders. International cooperation, the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and mutual support are fundamental aspects of IACI’s mandate.

The IACI offers globally sustainable anti-corruption programs to organizations and individuals seeking to prevent fraud and corruption in their business processes, operations, and culture as following:

  • Research & Analysis
  • Professional Training
  • Chartered Anti-Corruption Director (CACD)
  • Anti-Corruption Management System (ACMS) 
  • Technical Support

Thereof, We have the honor to invite you to work with us as one team, with one goal in mind that is to provide you with the necessary research, professional programs and consultation, which are suitable and applicable for your current and future concerns and development.

For more info about the IACI programs, Please send email Info@WGECO.org