الهيئة العالمية للتجارة الخضراء

The WGCO  is an affiliated organ of the World Green Economy Council (WGECO) and represents the private sector of all Member companies. It aims at strengthening closer collaboration in the field of trade, commerce, information technology, insurance/reinsurance, shipping, banking, promotion of investment opportunities and joint ventures.

The World Green Commerce Organization (WGCO) is unique and truly global network of national, regional small, mid-sized and large businesses and corporations who like you understand that…

• Business success and sustainability go hand-in-hand

• Shareholder value and social consciousness co-exist side-by-side

• Long-term business profits, global leadership and environmental stewardship are inseparable from each other.

Enhance global green business, fostering cultural and humanitarian exchange to develop green economic opportunities.

Everything we do at WGCO aims to promote international green trade and investment as vehicles for inclusive growth and prosperity. From resolving disputes when they arise in international commerce to supporting global efforts to streamline customs and border procedures, we support multilateralism as the best way to address global challenges and reach global goals.

Main Objectives & Activities:

The WGCO undertaking activities in line with its objective by holding the following activities:-

  • Act as a liaison between members and others businesses to further develop the world green economy, creating synergy and assisting member companies to reach out to lucrative global markets.
  • Facilitate exchange between different countries, improving international relations, and assisting with global green business.
  • Organization of green business forums: Private Sector Meetings and Businesswomen Forums.
  • Workshops, Training programs on capacity building, poverty alleviation, upgrading marketing and managing skills, value-addition, gender development, economic empowerment of women, promotion & development of Small & Medium Enterprises, utilization of microfinance, developing Entrepreneurship, particularly in women and the youth.
  • Playing a role for increasing the level of  Green Trade as per the WGECO Vision.
  • Promoting the concept of Green Economy, as a means to economic development.
  • Clarifying & deploying the concepts of Green Business.
  • Creating awareness about the various national, regional and international agreements for enhancing economic cooperation and integration.
  • Implementing the relevant aspects of the WGECO Program of Action.
  • Cooperating with WGECO & other related International Organizations for the development of SMEs.

WGCO works to enhance member capacity to foster private sector development and has developed strong ties with a range of multilateral organisations. It’s also works with other private sector groups to extend programs of assistance and training for chambers of commerce, particularly from developing and least developed countries.

WGCO Members

  • Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • CICRAUN-Chamber’s of Inter Commerce
  • World Chamber of Commerce
  • Cairo Chamber of Commerce
  • Green Chamber of Commerce
  • Green Commerce Association
  • Beta Electronics Corporation
  • Gree London Corporation
  • Al Alamia for Rockwool Insulation Co.
  • 3-Brothers for Engineering & Electrical Industries
  • Ever Green Energy Corporation
  • Systemna Corporation