Global Experts Network

The members of the Intergovernmental Global Experts Network of WGECO are advising and representing WGECO on a broad range of matters in their areas of expertise, including, but not restricted to, newly published research, new green initiatives & project proposals, preparations of WGECO annual congress and help develop the Intergovernmental Global Experts Network. The WGECO Experts hold advanced degrees, as well as professional positions in their fields of expertise, so they can provide you with the most current information and practices in their subject areas around the world.

P.Eng. Neil Banks, Green Energy Expert

Eng. Nick Blashill, Green Investment ExpertRoyal Majesty Prof. Iansyah Rechza, PhD

Sovereign Emperor Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom

Ambassador and Vice President for Greenpeace,, WGECO

H.E. Dr. Sir Zelly MIGHTY, D.Div.

Vice President for Humanity Affairs, WGECO

World Chairman | PRESIDENT of World Humanity Commission

H.E. Hamdi Tabbaa

Head, WGECO Chapter in Jordan
President, Federation of Arab Businessmen
Former Minister of Industry and Trade
Former Minister of State for Prime Ministerial Affairs

SCGen Robert S Biazon
WGECO’s Chief Consultant for Peace & Security
Supreme Commanding General, International Police Commission- Global Commands

H.E. Amb. Ekramy Ashraf El Zaghat
WGECO’s Ambassador for Intergovernmental Relations
Delegate at United Nations Meetings
President, World Fund for Development & Planing – United Nations

Engr. Ogochukwu Frank Ifeanyi,  IT Expert,
National Rep of WGECO  in Nigeria

Ambassador Mohamed Bin Aly Alshsheri

Chairman, Arab Gulf Development Association

Eng. Amr Abdelmohsen, Green Business Expert,
Assistant President, WGECO.

Professor Ahmed Melegy
Head of Geological Sciences Dept
National Research Center, Egypt

Professor Mohamed Ali Ibrahim
Dean, Logistics & International Transportation, AASTMT
Minster’s Advisor for Transport &Logistics Affairs

Dr. Kodwo Andah, Hydrology & Water Resources Expert
United Nations Consultant

Mrs. Hanan Kassab,
Legal Consular, WGECO

Miss Amani Musaad,
World Trade Organization Expert