World KEY

World Knowledge Economy Yard 

World-KEY is an organization headed by the World Green Economy Council

The aim of World-KEY is to attract international academic, research and value-added business activity to WGECO in order to strengthen the role of WGECO as a green economic and knowledge hub.

World KEY will be a key element in building up our capacity to export knowledge.

The aim of the World KEY is to attract public and/or private institutions of international renown in the field of knowledge and with a solid relevant history in their area of activity:

  • Value-added business activity
  • Research institutions
  • Higher education institutions
  • The project will have a high yield in the form of new value-added economic activity.

World-KEY is a leading knowledge management consultant helping both government agencies along with private sector to deliver tangible value from their intangible assets; by measuring, designing, identifying, implementing, managing and developing knowledge platforms and frameworks, providing and delivering knowledge management initiatives, toolkits and indexes. World-KEY helps SMEs enhance productivity, cost reduction, increase profitability and achieve sustainable advantage through an appropriate triple capitals, blended together (Human, Structure, and Network) along with culture, leadership, values, culture, and process implementations.

World-KEY offer a comprehensive knowledge management programs providing our clients with art-to-state in knowledge transfer that will lead them to the global market and help to overcome the business challenges